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Saturday, 11 August 2012

little one: 23 weeks

Life has been speeding along, and with the relocation less than 2 weeks away, I know it probably won't slow down until we're in the new house. Even when we aren't packing or sorting out logistics for the move, the 'to do' list is constantly in the back of my mind. That's the part that I find so draining. It's the limbo of knowing things will change, but having to wait for it all to kick off.

That said, the pregnancy has been going well. So well that I tend to forget I'm pregnant. I suppose with this being my 2nd pregnancy and everything else being so busy I don't get chance to sit and daydream. It's usually when I feel the kicks or start to feel tired that I remember I'm carrying a little one with me.

That's why I'm blessed to have gotten an extra scan this week. When I see the little one moving around on screen I definitely feel connected and bonded. It's a justified reason to step away from all the hectic preparations and just sit staring at our tiny gift.

I'd had a scan at 20 weeks and baby was being awkward. They managed to do a lot of the necessary checks (enough that they assured me everything looked ok...phew), but they wanted me to come back to see if they could check off everything before I moved. I had to go to the 20 week scan solo because Hubby was working, so I think the sonogrammer wanted to give us an excuse to be together when we found out for definite if I'm carrying a boy or girl (she was pretty sure she knew, but said it would be more convincing if I came back and her colleague gave her opinion without knowing what was said previously).

And with that said, at the last scan the technician was convinced (and therefore confirmed) that we were having a....

After 5 grandsons my Mother-in-law was definitely hoping for a 'wee change', so she was delighted. It's not that we were hoping either way, I just preferred to know. There's always a remote chance that the technicians got it wrong and we end up with a huge surprise in December, but we'll be over the moon either way.

So now starts the fun part of imagining what our little girl will be like. We'll try to decide on names, and friends have already started to put aside hand-me-downs for her arrival.

It's all good fun, and I'm hoping to get chance to daydream about it all very soon.


Sean Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats! Sounds really shallow but shopping for dresses for a little girl is so much fun. :)

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sean Marie
Thanks Sean Marie. Not shallow at all, it's what I'm looking forward to most. When I did daycare I used to pleat the girls hair whenever I could, and the fun of dressing a little girl is going to be brilliant :)

marissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, congratulations Katie!!! <3